What to expect


Sometimes when people ask what they should expect when visiting a new church, their real question is, "What does this church expect of me? Should I wear a suit or a dress, or shorts and a t-shirt, or something in between?"

Our answer to this is simple, and we mean it in all honesty: Come as you are, and wear whatever you want. The gospel is freely offered to everyone — to you — regardless of what other people may think about you. 

If you join us for worship, you'll find that our service follows this basic structure:

Worshiping God with our affections: Since God calls us to worship from his Word, we sing songs to him out of humble recognition and adoration of who he is, and who we are before him. These songs include a mix of traditional hymns and worship songs,  and modern worship songs also.

Worshiping God with our minds: God's Word is preached, and applied to our hearts and heads by his Holy Spirit. 

Worshiping God with our wills: God calls us to respond to his Word through prayer, communion, and offerings.