Micro Groups Overview

Our weekly micro-groups are small groups of 3-8 people that meet together in order to deepen our walks with Christ.


The three pillars of micro-group are:


  • The Bible — God is always speaking to us through his word, so we study the Bible together.

  • Prayer — God speaks to us in his word, and we respond to him in prayer. 

  • Fellowship — Since we have a common bond in the Holy Spirit, we seek to build one another up in love.

All Groups Are Not The Same

We offer different types of groups that meet at different times and for different purposes.  Some groups are comprised of only women, or men.  Some may be led by our Pastor or one of our Elders, and some are self organized.  Many are focused on Bible study, but we have done some related to service, prayer etc.  If there is a particular need, we are open to how we can meet that need.