Genesis 1:2

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.
— Genesis 1:2

After God created the "heavens and the earth", that is, the universe at large and the earth in particular, God now takes particular care to craft the barren planet earth as a particular piece of art that would be a beautiful and suitable dwelling place for mankind. Amidst the myriad barren rocks which fly through the universe, the Spirit of God hovers over the surface of earth’s waters, designating it as the future dwelling place of God's special creation, man. The earth is perfectly positioned in its relationship to the sun to present a perfectly hospitable climate for mankind. There are a million other factors like this which prove in the natural realm that our earth is not here by chance. God delights to hover over that which is "formless and void" and to take its substance and make it into something meaningful.

God is a purposeful and deliberate creator. He formed each and every part of this beautiful world for His and our delight and He created your life for His pleasure as well. He hovers over the chaos of your life, desiring to create something beautiful. Already at verse 2 of the Bible we see what could be a reference to the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, Hebrews tells us that through Jesus the world was made. So already the Trinity is introduced to us in the workings of the creation of the world. Do you know this creator God? Even if you are a Christian, do you look around at creation, and really understand who this awesome God is?

Life Application Questions:

  1. Do you acknowledge the creator God in all His power and might?
  2. Have you seen the Spirit of God to be active in your life, hovering over the chaos of your life and using His power to change, form and fashion your life?

Prayer Helps: Praise God Almighty who is the creator of the universe!