Are You Ignoring Salvation?

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.
— Hebrews 2:1

A train must do one thing above all else, it must stay on its track, if it goes too fast and goes off that is the most catastrophic failure in the world of railroading. Similarly, a major theme of Hebrews concerning the Mature Disciple of Jesus is remaining faithful and avoiding apostasy by resisting sin in our lives and staying true under trials and persecutions. There is something introduced here called “drifting away” which is also known as “backsliding”. Going off the track or the pathway of true Christianity.

Part of What Christian Maturity Means is Simply Staying the Course! Hearing and Obeying the Word in Faith is the antidote to drifting away...every person that I have heard that drifted away permanently or for a significant period of time all has the same phenomenon: they stopped reading God’s word and praying each day.

There was an account recently of two airline pilots who simultaneously fell asleep and overshot their intended destination by about 40 miles while the plane was on autopilot. That is the image: you fell asleep and got off course because your Christian life was on auto-pilot! Is your Christian life on auto-pilot? Or worse yet, have daily prayers and time in scripture drifted away and you are currently spiraling toward the ground and a fiery crash?

The most powerful thing to use to repent of your drifting course, and the most powerful thing to keep a good course are one and the same, and it was the main thing you hear from Scripture: the Gospel, that Christ died in love to save sinners. He loves you, and He alone has the power to save you, and that can and will change your heart!

In Prayer Today:

Pay the most careful attention to the gospel in the Scriptures in your prayers today.