Mental Illness and The Church 4

Accountability and the Means of Grace

Accountability and the Means of Grace (Prayer, Word, Fellowship, Communion, Service) are necessary things for those struggling with mental illness.

...preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.
— 2 Timothy 4:2

Just because a person is mentally ill does not mean that they cannot sin. It also doesn’t mean they cannot be saved. I believe God’s default is to save those so mentally ill beyond being able to decide for Christ or infants dying in infancy for that matter, I believe they are in heaven waiting for you. That is easy for me to say as a Calvinist because my emphasis is on God's sovereign grace not your personal decision. But that doesn't mean they cannot sin. Sin affects mental illness and mental illness affects sin.

People must be held to the same moral standards and must have the same message of hope in the gospel preached to them (in as far as they are able to comprehend), and this must combined with good old fashioned accountability and compassionate love, knowing that for them to do something is often much harder than for you to do it. I remember going to a nursing facility for the severely mentally handicapped when I was in high-school and watching these very skilled nurses who never backed down even when confronted with the violence of severely hindered people. They were firm yet gentle. Jesus was firm yet gentle, those with mental illness need both, just like we all need both.

In Prayer Today:

Ask God to help with His Law and Gospel those who struggle with these things today.