How to Pray - Supplication

O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come.
— Psalm 65:2

Cast your cares unto Jesus, for He Cares!” Peter says. Every good thing God gives to His children and we must believe this. Admiration, desperation, and now supplication are the three main aspects of prayer. Supplication is asking "God, please change things!" Supplications are requests. We should pray specific requests to receive specific answers.

George Mueller is the number one example of this. Once he was praying for milk for the orphans in his care and a knock comes at the door during his prayers on his knees at his office (which he ignores) finally he checks the door and a container of milk is left at the door for the orphans in his care. Daniel’s answer is also already on the way by the time he is praying in the book of Daniel as well! When we pray specific prayers in faith, the answer is already on the way from the heart of God!

Jesus said you must believe what you have asked is already yours before you receive it. Wow. I put it like this: "believers always receive what they ask for or something better." Always. This is the area of prayer I am weakest in...praying specifics...let’s grow together! Faith can move mountains. And when we receive our answer from God we must always give thanks...true thankfulness is always the response to answered prayers, which brings you back around to worshipping God again.

In Prayer Today:

Seek the living God with all your specific prayer requests, knowing that He cares.