How to Pray - Desperation

Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint; protect my life from the threat of the enemy. Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked, from the plots of evildoers.
— Psalm 64:1

Desperation cries out to God this prayer: "Lord, please help me!" It is a very effective prayer, asking God for salvation from sin and deliverance from our enemies. Luther said that desperation was one of the the main ingredients in prayer...he wrote to his friend Melanchthon once —“I sit here at ease, hardened and unfeeling — alas!  praying little, grieving little for the Church of God, burning rather in the fierce fires of my untamed flesh.“It comes to this: I should be afire in the spirit; in reality I am afire in the flesh, with lust, laziness, idleness, sleepiness.“It is perhaps because you have all ceased praying for me that God has turned away from me …“For the past eight days I have written nothing, nor prayed nor studied, partly from self-indulgence, partly from another vexatious handicap …“I really cannot stand it any longer … Pray for me, I beg you, for in my seclusion here I am submerged in sins.” Luther was a desperate man in desperate times who knew how to cry out to God. We must learn the same.

General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army has a story that I like. A couple of his people had set out to find a new work in Christ.  They kept hitting walls, meeting failure in their missionary endeavor. They wrote to Booth and asked for advice. General Booth sent back a note that simply had two words on it,  “Try Tears.” When all else fails, try tears.

We should cry out to the Lord! Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved! Like Jonah in the belly of the whale, Elijah Praying earnestly, or the Widow with the judge in desperation. The two greatest enemies in Sin of this prayer are unbelief and self-confidence! Luther said you have to first believe in your sin before you can believe in Christ. True! The cry ”My God My God” receives the salvation of God in Psalm 22 and we should also cry out to God in desperation in prayer, it very much affects him, like the cry of pain of a child to her mother's ears.

In Prayer Today:

Cry out to God and ask for the forgiveness and cleansing from sin and for deliverance from all enemies to our growth in Christ!