The Baptism of the Spirit

...for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.
— Acts 1:5

Some people have mistakenly believed that the baptism of the Spirit is an event that happens to believers sometime after conversion, where the Holy Spirit comes upon a believer (having not been there before). This is mistaken because of how Jesus uses the term above to denote the event which happens at Pentecost in the upper room, where the Holy Spirit is poured out collectively upon the New Testament church once and for all. In the transition period into the New Covenant, it is true that there are some believers who have already believed in Jesus but not yet received the Spirit, but this is abnormal, whereas the norm is for people who have believed in Christ to receive the Gift of the Spirit (Acts 2:38). But "Baptism" in regards to the Spirit denotes the once and for all fulfillment at Pentecost of the promised pouring out of the Spirit on the church in such a way as did not happen to the Old Testament church.

What does this have to with us today? The New Testament church has been Baptized with the Fire of the Holy Spirit! We have a power with us that was only fleeting and occasional to Old Testament heroes...there is a daily presence promised, a holy fire burning within the chest of every believer that must be stoked and just as fire will grow to as much as it is fed, this presence and power can be enlarged and enhanced in our lives personally and in any church. It is fed through prayer, fiery biblical preaching, believing things that are impossible to man (so that He gets the glory) and trusting in Christ alone (putting no confidence in the flesh). You better believe there is something heroic that God wants you to do, having given you such an incredible gift. These heroic deeds are not to be done apart from the church but within the church, for that is where Christ's chief plan and glory lies. So rise up within your Holy Spirit baptized church and attempt something great for God with other believers!

In Prayer Today:

Cast off the chains and power of iniquity by telling Christ that you trust Him to raise you up to things impossible in your own strength today.