Eyewitnesses to Jesus’ Birth: Mary, the Mother of Christ

Eyewitness testimony is very important and we will look at four this advent season from Luke 2. First, Mary...a mother never forgets! If you heard a mother describing the day her child was born, would you dispute that? No. One of the main things I want you to get to realize this Christmas season is this: it all was real, it all happened, it is real now, and the reality is only going to dawn upon this world more and more until he comes back again!

God Reveals His Glory in the Mundane Reality of History

In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to their own town to register.
— Luke 2:1-3

Something to consider is that Luke is writing a public historical document about things that happened ~50 years earlier, anyone could verify this information from Roman records, they establish the truth from objective, historical, and eye-witness account. Quirinius was well written about (In Pliny’s Letters for example he mentions a whole debacle where after a messy divorce Quirinius brings charges against his ex-wife for trying to poison him). He was a fierce war hero, and eventually became a consul after being governor, which was the highest political office in Rome next to Caesar. History is an interesting thing! And a very important thing! Most scholars therefore still regard the birth of Jesus taking place around 6BC. Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was made official in 336 (but went back earlier than that), during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine was a wonderful friend of the church, and the first Christian Emperor. Born in winter or not we do not know, but most likely in a cave or grotto as a stable. The Church of the nativity is in Bethlehem in a spot where they think Jesus could have been born.

When you worship the Christ for his advent (coming) and birth on earth you can know that this is as real as any other thing you know in your life! See the beautiful unfolding plan of God, see the virgin and her betrothed (from the line of David) going to Bethlehem which fulfilled prophecy on multiple counts! The world is always worshipping things that they really have no knowledge about, but we worship a God who is known in human history!

In Prayer Today:

Praise the God of Histor, that though every man be proved a liar His word is always true.