3 Former Slave Masters

1. We Were Slaves to This World

...following the course of this world…
— Ephesians 2:2b

We were totally influenced and enchanted by this present world...until set free by Christ. "The world" in scripture represents the system and influence of evil in this present age.hen there is something that you are passionate about, the key question is this: is this a road that leads me and others to God, or is it a selfish dead-end? or exampl, Eric Lidell the olympic athlete said "when I run I feel the smile of Go", o he used his talent and interest for the glory of God...but the important thing is that we are no longer slaves to the agenda of this world and its ruler, Satan.

2. We Were Slaves to Satanic Powers

..following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.
— Ephesians 2:2c

There is a general demonic influence in the sons of disobedience (non-believers) that hands them their marching orders and dictates their methods. That was you! Now Satan cannot tell you what to do. We understand that the god of this world has blinded the eyes of non-believers... evangelism has to be with supernatural power! You’re not just going to talk someone out of the arms of Satan, dear friends. Don’t go into battle unarmed! We have to use the power of God not the methods of the world to accomplish God’s will.

3. We Were Slaves to Our Own Lusts

...among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind…
— Ephesians 2:3a

We had no choice but to obey our lusts formerly. Non-believers sometimes swap sins and addictions but are overcome by sin and thus are slaves to sin, as Jesus says. There is a reverse of the chain of command when it comes to salvation, previously the desires of the body and mind controlled the spirit (imprisoning it) but now when the Spirit controls the mind, the mind controls the body.

or every negative being listed about the previous way of life, Paul is going to say that the positive flows out in the new life we have in Christ! This is only possible because of the cross of Christ. We must trust Him alone to deliver us. When you try to live before God in your own righteousness, you will be unholy. When you trust in Christ’s righteousness alone, then you will be holy, how ironi.

In Prayer Today:

Praise God for deliverance in Jesus from our 3 former slave-masters: the world, the devil, and the fles.